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“This is the easiest place to work, especially when you have kids,” Haneya Magdy said. Her daughter sits in her school clothes nearby. Magdy has been coming to the association since she was thirteen. “It’s close to home, it’s fun, and there’s a community,” she added.

Protecting the Environment and Supporting Egyptian Women

The sounds of the banging wooden frames of the looms, Egyptian pop music playing from cell phones, and side conversations fill the rooms of the Association for the…

Most of the children living with their mothers in the garden spend their days playing, eating, and sitting together. For Abadeya, staying in front of the UNHCR is the most secure choice. “We wouldn’t really be allowed to stay anywhere else,” she told MENA Source. “Here, the children can play, they are outdoors, and the place is generally safer.” (December 1st, 2016)

Life in the Garden: The Daily Struggles of Sudanese Refugee Women in Cairo

Ragia and Amany spend up to 8 hours daily on their feet putting the paper together. They are both 31 years old and have been working in papyrus production ever since they married into the family 16 years ago.

Preserving Egypt’s Heritage: The Enduring Skills of Papyrus Making in the Villages of Qaramous

“My wounds are rotting, while nobody from the Yemeni officials answers my calls,” says Khatab Al-Ruaiani, 28, a soldier wounded twice at the battlefield in Taiz, in his back and thigh. “I joined the army because I wanted to serve my country and I never imagined that my country would forget me like this.”

Alone and Forgotten: Injured Yemeni Soldiers Persist in Egypt

The past year has been agony for a group of war-wounded Yemeni soldiers. As part of national medical and financial assistance to wounded soldiers, many were flown out…


Women Propping up Egypt’s Agricultural Sector

A regular day for the working women of Ezbet Boghdady in Egypt’s Sharqeya governorate starts at sunrise. They wake early to go to the fields, tending to crops…

Photo Essay: Egypt’s Coptic Christians Mourn After Blast