By Hadi Munjid

On January 13, 2017, children in Douma organized a protest to demand a cessation of hostilities and a return to a normal life. Douma city is one of several besieged cities in Eastern Ghouta, and has been under siege for the last three years. The majority of its facilities have been destroyed by continuous bombing. There are approximately 300,000 people currently living in besieged Eastern Ghouta. A report by the director of education in Damascus countryside in the interim government to the opposition stated 25 schools were targeted in 2016 and resulted in the deaths of 23 students, six teachers, and put four schools out of commission. The last attack occurred December 29, 2016 when regime planes targeted a preschool in the city of Douma, and an elementary school in Arbin.

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Hadi Munjid is a Syrian photographer based in Douma. Youssef Sadaki is a research assistant at the Orient Research Center. He previously worked in international and Syrian development organizations in Syria and southern Turkey.